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Disainibüroo Remlinger OÜ is an architecture and interior design studio, which was founded in 1999 with the aim of offering personal, nature-friendly, eco-friendly high-quality and professional architecture and interior design service around the world. We design private houses as well as special interior design solutions for residential and commercial premises and public buildings.
Since 2015, we have also been working on compiling special conditions for heritage protection.

It is important for us to achieve results that offer both design aesthetic and functionally practical solutions to all parties. The solutions are always technically and design well-designed. We serve customers efficiently and on time. We follow the norms of professional ethics and the standards regulating the field. Over the years, we have accumulated a large and wide range of experience, which allows us to accept various challenges.

Main plan – with essential furnished room solution
Concept design
Floorplans with window sills and interior elements
Interior design project stages
Floorplans with the placement of walls
Ceiling plans
Lighting (electrical outlets, light switches and lamps)
Systems and electrical installations plans for electronic devices (sockets for electrical, network, television, internet etc.)
Detail drawings (fireplaces, staircases, railings, wall tile design, etc.)
Interior décor elements (furniture, textiles, blinds, accessories, etc.)
Furniture drawings
We prepare design drawings for the interior in scale M 1:50. Detail and furniture drawings we produce in scale M 1:20. Drawings include the list of materials, which contain the technical data for the selected materials, the quantities and the suppliers of the information.
For interior design, we offer both part and full solutions. We can also help in any part of the design process. Standard project will include drawings, visualizations and the list of materials.
Fragments of our chosen projects
When necessary, we can offer project management services for your interior design project.
Communication with Builders
Control and supervision of interior design realization process
Ordering materials, furniture and appliances
Communication with suppliers
Communication with manufacturers
Finding manufactures, starting and controlling the fabrication process
Interior designer consultations
An interior designer's consultation is the best and most effective opportunity for a client to discuss issues related to a complete interior design project and determine the necessary stages of work.
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